Three Main Stages of Life!


Three main stages of life it’s also known as a caterpillar butterfly Theory to Financial Freedom the first of survival first survival remember the acronym ANL  the a stands for assets the end no progress all liabilities in theory you are the caterpillar you’re poor you work for money you have to watch out for the snakes for the bill collectors or the crabs in the bucket the complainers the naysayers could be family members could be friends.

the second stage is significance this is the middle lines this is the caterpillar as its transformation both the crabs in a bucket are still part of the significance le it it could be family members and could be friends now the crows come into place as the IRS the purpose this is where wealth comes into place this is where the caliper the caterpillar turns into the butterfly your money work for you this is where you see the cash FLOW.

Success comes in levels it’s not a once-in-a-lifetime event”

This is achieved in Progressive installments “

For the majority of people will remain in the caterpillar stage someone make it to the Cancun stage but the ones that really have put their words into practice move prosper in life and being the butterfly stage.

Some people assume the butterfly stages all about money don’t make that mistake there’s a common misconception that when a person acquires more money more happiness is automatic result draw my life I heard people saying I’ll be so happy when I make more money or I’ll be happy when I pay off my bills or who said money can’t buy happiness I shouldn’t I wouldn’t mind trying or if I had more money I wouldn’t have these problems.  this is delusional to surrender that kind of power to money when you have the power within yourself


So what is your blueprint for Success?

So what is your blueprint for success?

My blueprint for success  can and will be shared  with all of that decided to be part of this team future millionaires.  no one will have an exact blueprint for success that is the purpose for us taking the time to really evaluate and look at a lines for what it is right now create are short-term goals create our long-term goals but always stay focused on what the objective is.  remember success only his success when there’s true happiness behind it.  if happiness is not the main thing that brings you to your success then it’ll be short-lived success.  don’t cheat yourself out of long term happiness health love wealth and prosperity because we are all created in the image of God and he has blessed us with the ability to succeed repeat after me.  I will be successful, I will not let any naysayers stop me from achieving my goals, I will make changes in my life to achieve those goals, and if I could give back to the people that really need it then that day is the day I will finally say I have become a success.  success is not about money success is about being able to make a change in other people’s lives so they could also be successful thank you for taking the time to come to our website we have many more seminars planned throughout the states please fill out your contact information so you could be on our mailing list and I’ll personally be reaching out to congratulate someone you guys that decide to take the first steps to achieving guaranteed success. remember we may not be in original or maybe even implied that but we could be the wealthy son.


What is Success?

What is success???

Different aspects of success are the four main categories for success

  1. Spiritual
  2. Personal
  3. Business
  4. Financial

I’ve come to believe that God created us in this way he gave each of us the ability to succeed that’s why we crave success it’s a human instinct and that’s what we feel such satisfaction when you have any type of success as we accomplish it says we will fill the void in it and with every success we grow and mature eventually realizing our true purpose the closer we are to discover my true purpose and more content we feel about her life because we are putting to those to use that which we were born to do we’re living our true purpose each person is born with the ability to succeed success is available to everyone of just a few areas where you should notice improvements over time

Here just a few areas where you should notice improvements over time

  1. Faith
  2. peace of mind
  3. Prayer
  4. Patience
  5. self confidence
  6. self discipline
  7. Character
  8. Attitude
  9. Personality
  10. Priorities
  11. Lifestyle
  12. quality of friends
  13. quality of the environment

What is your motive for Success?

What is your motive for success?

why do you want to be successful what is a driving force in your life how do you use your motivation help you successfully achieve your goals

motives or circumstances that influence people to react in a certain way”

This is my formula for success

take an ordinary person( at any) +  extra effort =  extraordinary success

I truly believe that if I had not been property stricken I would not have the passion to make a difference in for my family my passion derived from my hungry little hungry it’s easier for someone who is living comfortably with a minimum words to just lie down and sleep all day someone who start and has no choice but to get up get out there and do something

you can tell when someone has passion you don’t have to wake them up in the morning they’re already awake and ready to go””

Begin to guarantee your success by starting right where you are at this moment.  don’t imprison Yourself by focusing on past failures or past success.  used those experiences.  learn from them and let them prepare and motivate you for your next level 60.  of success keep.  every single,  see yourself Richey.  press on until you achieve it and then send a new.

your motive should inspire you to be passionate about your desire for success.”  if you’re not passionate it’s time to reevaluate your motives the reason for your Goal.


What is hindering your Success?

What is hindering your success?

This is one of the key points to the team future millionaires devotion to accomplishing a goal. 8 headers to success is anything or anyone that prevents or makes it difficult for you to achieve success.  these hindrances are obstacles whether physical mental negative attitudes or just not positivity they won’t interfere with your ability to achieve success by holding you back slowing you down for blue I can you completely.  Andrew says it’s simply a distraction designed to place limitations on your ability to succeed.  it’s a diversion intended to keep you from accomplishing your ultimate plan goal and purpose,

The 7 Elements of Lack

  1. Lack of self-confidence
  2. lack of self-discipline
  3. lack of knowledge
  4.  lack of Education
  5. Lack of self motivation
  6. lack of Direction
  7. lack of guidance

7  hindrances to success

  1. Fear
  2. Procrastination
  3. Past failures and successes
  4. wasting time
  5. Comfort
  6.  negative attitude
  7. negative environment

I’m not suggesting that you should forget the hurt pain or negative experience I am simply saying to forgive your father for your own sake.  when you forgive you destroy the negative barrier inside of you allowing you and attracting constructive opportunities to flow freely and Surround you there for you move on and press forward to success.

the 3 C’s complain compare and cut it stay away from those three sees their destructive the side effects of negative attitudes complaining comparing and converting small things into larger things these acts are not only a form of wasting time they prevent success time and energy are wasted on these acts there for hindering your maximum potential.


Let’s talk about Attitude!

Let’s talk about attitude!

why is attitude vital to the success most people have no idea just how powerful their attitude affect the direction of their lives. a motive has the ability to inspire passion for Success just as an attitude has the ability to attract success

your attitude is powerful it can make you or  break you”

Here the seven habits of success

  1. Self-confidence-  believing in yourself and your abilities
  2. Self-discipline –  doing what is necessary to achieve a goal
  3. Self-motivation – inspiring yourself without the need to be prompted by others
  4. Respect –  treating others as you desire to be treated
  5. team player –  cooperating with others to achieve a common goal
  6. Understanding –  increase by educating yourself in the H2 16
  7. Integrity – Doing what is right morally ethically and legally


So do not throw away your confidence it will be richly rewarded” –  Hebrews 10:35