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Coming To A City Near You!!!!  TEAM FUTURE MILLIONAIRES: Featuring PERCY MILLER aka MASTER P (Speaker)

This one-hour plus seminar could change your life, motivate you and prepare you to make millions in music and business in general. Percy Miller aka Master P, business guru and Team Future Millionaires life coaches share their knowledge and experiences from their real life rags to riches stories. Find out firsthand how Master P came from poverty and created a multi-million dollar empire.

Are you in the music business wondering how you will be successful? Have you ever wondered how Master P made hundreds of millions in music starting from nothing? Do you believe you are destined for wealth and success but never quite manage to achieve your financial dreams? In general, most people in the music business are lacking the financial education, knowledge and skills to build wealth in the current state of the industry.

Has life thrown you a curve ball? Have you recently returned home from prison and can’t find gainful employment? We call situations like this “unforeseen life situations”, the kind of situations that alter your life forever. It may be that you lost your job, you were born into poverty, are struggling with your finances, or you may be experiencing other life difficulties.


Master P and his team of experts will share techniques that you can start using today to make changes and create a millionaire business plan. This seminar will help you discover how to keep a positive attitude. This is where the How To Make Millions… Seminar comes in. With the help of Music Mogul, entrepreneur and philanthropist Percy Miller aka Master P, you will be taught how to re-create your attitude towards finance, as you discover the thoughts and actions of successful entertainment executive. You will be given the information you need to make million in music and business in general. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

Understanding the music business

Components to a hit record

Independent vs Major label

Imaging and branding

Promoting your company

Radio Promotions

Creating a professional business plan

How to find investors to fund your business

How to legitimize your business

Creating relationships with the bank

Digital distribution


Creating a business plan

How to build and repair your credit

Investing in yourself

Having long-term vision

Your integrity, beliefs & hard work

And many more topics will be covered during the seminar.



Other Event Contributors and Supporters:

– Johnel Langerston – Business Man & Philanthropist “Urban Born”  and many more.

This seminar is not open to everyone! This seminar is for people who believe they can be millionaires. This is not a quick fix or an overnight get rich plan. This seminar focuses on setting goals, pursuing dreams and turning ideas into realities.