Three Main Stages of Life!


Three main stages of life it’s also known as a caterpillar butterfly Theory to Financial Freedom the first of survival first survival remember the acronym ANL  the a stands for assets the end no progress all liabilities in theory you are the caterpillar you’re poor you work for money you have to watch out for the snakes for the bill collectors or the crabs in the bucket the complainers the naysayers could be family members could be friends.

the second stage is significance this is the middle lines this is the caterpillar as its transformation both the crabs in a bucket are still part of the significance le it it could be family members and could be friends now the crows come into place as the IRS the purpose this is where wealth comes into place this is where the caliper the caterpillar turns into the butterfly your money work for you this is where you see the cash FLOW.

Success comes in levels it’s not a once-in-a-lifetime event”

This is achieved in Progressive installments “

For the majority of people will remain in the caterpillar stage someone make it to the Cancun stage but the ones that really have put their words into practice move prosper in life and being the butterfly stage.

Some people assume the butterfly stages all about money don’t make that mistake there’s a common misconception that when a person acquires more money more happiness is automatic result draw my life I heard people saying I’ll be so happy when I make more money or I’ll be happy when I pay off my bills or who said money can’t buy happiness I shouldn’t I wouldn’t mind trying or if I had more money I wouldn’t have these problems.  this is delusional to surrender that kind of power to money when you have the power within yourself