What is hindering your Success?

What is hindering your success?

This is one of the key points to the team future millionaires devotion to accomplishing a goal. 8 headers to success is anything or anyone that prevents or makes it difficult for you to achieve success.  these hindrances are obstacles whether physical mental negative attitudes or just not positivity they won’t interfere with your ability to achieve success by holding you back slowing you down for blue I can you completely.  Andrew says it’s simply a distraction designed to place limitations on your ability to succeed.  it’s a diversion intended to keep you from accomplishing your ultimate plan goal and purpose,

The 7 Elements of Lack

  1. Lack of self-confidence
  2. lack of self-discipline
  3. lack of knowledge
  4.  lack of Education
  5. Lack of self motivation
  6. lack of Direction
  7. lack of guidance

7  hindrances to success

  1. Fear
  2. Procrastination
  3. Past failures and successes
  4. wasting time
  5. Comfort
  6.  negative attitude
  7. negative environment

I’m not suggesting that you should forget the hurt pain or negative experience I am simply saying to forgive your father for your own sake.  when you forgive you destroy the negative barrier inside of you allowing you and attracting constructive opportunities to flow freely and Surround you there for you move on and press forward to success.

the 3 C’s complain compare and cut it stay away from those three sees their destructive the side effects of negative attitudes complaining comparing and converting small things into larger things these acts are not only a form of wasting time they prevent success time and energy are wasted on these acts there for hindering your maximum potential.